Fairfaber change management programs

Globalization, disruptive innovations, new business models and many other causes force companies to change organization, behaviors and processes. The success of change programs is fundamentally linked to changes in people behaviors and that is why they are normally very difficult exercises to perform. If we look at people after coronary-artery bypass grafting two years later, 90% of them have not changed their lifestyle. Personal health is overtly much more important than any possible business program. So how it is possible to change people mindset?

This can be achieved by targeting the drivers of organization behavior. At most our personality and rational motivations can explain a 30% of our choices. The remaining 70% is explained by the underlying environment in which we operate. That is why organizations turn out to be far more resilient than executives generally think. Organizations are like tropical forest, no matter how many efforts you make to tame it, it keeps regenerating over and over again. People mindset cannot be changed as a machinery set-up. People need to feel they are in charge to gain the purpose of action. Fairfaber consultants bring to clients a wealth of experience on organization transformation projects and can both advice company management or manage directly clients’ change projects.